Back-To-School Health Tips For Kids & Parents | Providence Medical Belmont

You’ve probably gotten all the items required for the new school year- pens, books, rulers, a new uniform, you name it. You and your kid(s) are all good to go. But have you given a little thought about their health and wellbeing?

If no, here’s where it begins. If yes, congratulations! But what if there was more you could do to make both of you even more active, happy, and healthier? Let’s also not forget how tough it can get making that transition from summer break to school.

That’s why you may want to check out these back-to-school health tips for parents and students that we have put together for you because they let you in on what you can do to make this school year the best one yet.

  1. Set A Sleep Routine

Your kids probably got used to sleeping late during the summer nights. Maybe you are used to doing the same too as their parent. But since school is back, a healthy bed routine is necessary.

Both adults and children need sufficient sleep for different reasons. For the parents, a good night’s sleep (7-9 hours) will help you stay energised, focused, and in good physical and mental health. Kids, on the other hand, need over eight hours of sleep in order to enhance their cognitive abilities, experience healthy growth, and to lower the risk of them developing health issues.

You can start to prepare them to go to bed a little earlier, about one or two weeks before the start of the school year. Also, have them wake up just early enough so as they can prepare well for school. This is a healthy back to school habit you should never overlook because of its impact.

  1. Health Checks & Vaccines

Before the start of another school year, see to it that you and your kid (s) visit your doctor for annual health check-ups. This is to identify any early signs of health issues so that they can be treated before they develop into a major problem. Sometimes the school will require you to provide up to date medical record and a vaccination report.

Some of the check-ups you should consider carrying out include eyesight and hearing exams, dental check-ups, height and weight checks and skin checks.

Have them take the recommended vaccines and flu shots as well. Disease outbreaks and flu seasons are inevitable nowadays and you will have peace of mind knowing they are safe from that vaccine-preventable illness or flu.

  1. Reconsider Lunchbox Content

Researchers from the University of Adelaide once tracked 430 children aged nine to 10 years to establish their food consumption. Part of their findings was that junk and processed foods made up half of the kids’ daily energy intake.  Nutritious foods were almost non-existent yet their contribution to healthy living is so significant.

Premade snacks and junk food may look like ideal options during that early morning rush but they are not a healthy option. Not just for your kid but you too.  Replace those with nutritious food such as fruits, veggies, tuna salad, beans, whole grains, eggs, etc. If they have allergies, find alternative healthy options like stews and omelettes.

If you have no idea where to start, the Dietitians Association of Australia has put together smart eating recipes to help you enjoy healthy eating.

  1. Embrace Physical Fitness

This is one of the best back to school health tips for healthy children. Physical fitness should be practiced at all ages. Get your kids to be part of that sport that they like, be it swimming, baseball, football, tennis, etc. This way you’ll be ushering them into exercise, helping them stay fit and healthy, have good habits in school, sleep better, and giving them a chance to discover a hobby they love.

That aside, this will be a fun way for them to meet and make new friends and gain teamwork and leadership skills. If possible, join them as this will be a fantastic way to bond and nurture your relationship. See to it that they also have enough time for other relevant activities such as homework, free time, and rest.

I hope these four back-to-school health tips will help you and your little one have a super fantastic year. You can keep looking around for more tips from health experts and researchers. There’s always something new and great you can learn out there that can help you and your kid live happier healthier lives. Above everything else, ensure that you have put all these lessons into action.