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Are you or a loved one suffering from a chronic disease?

Personalised care planning is available at our practice.

Lifestyle related chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are pressing issues for our local communities and are leading to increased hospitalisations in the district. Our local region has some of the highest rates of COPD and circulatory system disease in Australia.

Did you know? If you suffer from a chronic medical condition you may eligible to receive Medicare benefits to cover medical and allied health services that help manage their condition.

In the last three months, have you suffered from:

  • Shortness of breath or chest tightness?
  • Coughing?
  • Wheezing?
  • Phlegm?

If you answered yes, then you may be suffering from Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD).


What is COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a long-term disease of the lungs which causes shortness of breath. According to the Lung Foundation Australia, 7.5% of Australians 40 or over have COPD that has progressed sufficiently to where symptoms may already be present and affecting daily life.  Half of these people will not know they have it.

The good news is, it is easily diagnosed with a lung function test (spirometry) and chest X ray/CT, if you have any concerns in this area please see your GP as early diagnosis and prompt management will help restore your lung function.


To find out more about COPD please view our Fact sheet

The Chronic Disease Management GP services on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) enable GPs to plan and coordinate the health care of patients with chronic or terminal medical conditions, including patients with these conditions who require multidisciplinary, team-based care from a GP and at least two other health or care providers.

Chronic Disease Management in General Practice involves appropriate prevention, early identification and best practice management strategies. General practitioners and their staff are usually the first point of contact in the health system and play a key role in the primary intervention, prevention, diagnosis and management of chronic disease in the community.

Download the COPD Fact Sheet


What is a chronic medical condition?

A chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for six months or longer, for example, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions and stroke. There is no list of eligible conditions; however, the CDM items are designed for patients who require a structured approach, including those requiring ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team.


How do I find out if I am eligible for a plan?

Whether a patient is eligible for CDM services is a clinical judgement for the GP, taking into account the patient’s medical condition and care needs, as well as the general guidance set out in the MBS.

You will need to speak with your GP, our team at Providence Medical & Dental, Belmont are happy to assist you and your loved ones and will provide you with advice and options for effectively managing your health and quality of life.


What access do I have to allied health services?

Referrals for allied health services may be eligible for Medicare rebates for specific individual allied health services that your GP has identified as part of your care. The need for these services must be directly related to your chronic medical (or terminal) condition. It is best to check with your GP as to what this entails for you.


How do I organise a plan?

Our caring and highly experienced medical practitioners can personalise a care plan to specifically suit your needs to help you better manage your condition.

Book an appointment today with your GP at Providence Medical & Dental, Belmont by calling 02 4989 1300 or book online, we look forward to seeing you soon at the practice.



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