FACT SHEET: DENTURES - Providence Medical
Denture care is essential for oral and systemic health.

Did you know?

  • Partial and full acrylic dentures have surface pores, which retain bacteria.
  • Mouth bacteria/fungi can cause bad breath, oral and SYSTEMIC disease.
  • Regular denture care is not too costly.
  • If your are in your 60s, you are likely to have 20 or more years of talking, eating, and smiling. Your oral health is a vital part of your total health.

How to clean your dentures:

  1. Never clean your dentures with toothpaste, bleaching product, ammonia based cleaners, abrasives or very hot water.
  2. Always clean your dental appliances over a bowl of water or a folded towel in case you drop them.
  3. Brush the dentures morning and night using a mild soap.
  4. Brush all the surfaces to remove all the plaque and any denture adhesive.
  5. Rinse denture and brush well under running water. Store brush uncovered in a dry place.
  6. Brush your gums/teeth with a soft brush morning and night.
  7. Take dentures out overnight, clean and soak in cold wáter.
  8. Disinfect dentures once a week.
  9. Drink water after meals, medications, other drinks and snacks to keep the mouth clean.
  10. Replace denture brush every 3 months or following an illness such as “bad cold”.

As you may be aware, taking care of your dentures is critical. If you have any concerns or questions, please make an appointment to speak to our Dentist Dr Manu Walker.