Regular health assessments can help you in so many ways. You will learn more about these benefits shortly. 

You can have the check-ups done quarterly, twice a year or yearly.  Today we show you why you should get your health assessed quarterly. 

Some health conditions can only be detected and prevented when you have your health checked every four months.  They include: 

High Blood Pressure 

A blood test or a peek into your lifestyle helps keep high blood pressure at bay. 

If your doctor discovers plaque build-up in your arteries, they will administer medication to clear before it becomes a serious complication. 

You will also be given dietary advice that will help you to unclog your blood vessels so that you can lower the risk of rising blood pressure. 


Whether it is genetic or otherwise, early detection of irregularities in blood sugar levels can save your life. 

A quarterly blood screen keeps you aware of the level of sugar in your blood. This then determines precautions you need to take to avoid a spike which could lead to diabetes. 

Cholesterol And Obesity 

Many of us think cholesterol is a problem for fat people only. But that’s not true. 

Anyone can have high cholesterol levels. The danger in having such levels is that they could lead to blockage of arteries. 

The only way to stay safe is by reducing intake. Through quarterly health assessments, your doctor can check your cholesterol levels and advice on diets you should follow and physical activities you should do to keep the levels down.

Heart-Related Complications 

A heart attack or failure are not the only heart complications you need to worry about. Minor issues like constant palpitations and shortness of breath are indicators that you may be living with an underlying problem.

Your doctor can identify such conditions through a proper check-up. A heart screening will reveal any slight change in your normal body functionality which then leads to early diagnosis. 

Just to show you why these quarterly health assessments are important, we will discuss how they can help. 

The Benefits Of Quarterly Health Assessments 

To Receive Early Treatment 

Many illnesses do not have early symptoms. Unless you go for a check-up, it will be hard to tell if they exist or not. 

During a health assessment, doctors carry out tests that can reveal any underlying health issue even when you are feeling fit. Discovering an illness early allows treatment before it gets worse.

To Save On Costs

You will be charged for your quarterly checkup. But the fee will be a fraction of what you will part with if you suffer a disease that could have been averted through a check-up.

Illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases can be very expensive to treat yet both can be detected and prevented through regular checkups. 

To Promote Healthier Living

Quarterly health assessments include lifestyle audits too. 

Doctors will ask about your diet, physical activity and lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking.  Based on your responses, they will come up with suggestions aimed at improving your wholeness. 

To Reduce Risk Factors 

Serious complications like diabetes and obesity can be prevented when the risk factors are identified. Unfortunately, most people do not know their possible risk factors. It’s only when the disease strikes that they get to learn about them.

Regular health assessments can save you from such situations. Based on the results obtained, your doctor can be able to tell your chances of falling ill and what to do to stay healthy. 

For Disease Management 

After discovering an illness during health assessment, doctors proceed to offer treatment. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a one-off procedure as sometimes follow up is required. 

Other times, you may need further assessments if you are at high risk of conditions such as heart disease. 

To Update Clinical Data

It is important to have your medical file up to date. This will help in case of a medical emergency where every minute counts. 

Instead of creating new files, your doctor only needs to check your existing information to start attending to you. 

By going for regular health assessments, you keep your data up-to-date including important things like age and possible risk factors.

Now that you understand the need to visit your doctor regularly, read on for a list of diseases that can be prevented this way. 

Quarterly health assessments and other periodical health check-ups can help you in so many other ways. Your health and lifespan partly depend on them. Schedule one with a doctor from a good medical centre today. Providence Medical Thornton also offers a variety of health assessments for both men and women. Call us to learn more.