You might have dodged the flu this season but this does not mean that you are out of the woods yet. You might find yourself taking care of a loved one who wasn’t as lucky as you are. Certain steps will have to be taken to help speed up recovery of the patient and to prevent the illness from spreading further.  Although the medical centres in Sydney can provide medication to ease discomfort caused by the flu, there is no cure for it since it is a viral infection. 

But informing yourself about the flu will enable you to give the best care possible for your ailing loved one and to reduce the strain on your part as a caregiver

What Is The Flu?

Influenza is a respiratory illness that is very contagious. It is commonly known as the flu and it is caused by Influenza A or B viruses. It attacks the upper or lower respiratory tract and frequently spreads during winter or early spring.

Symptoms Of The Flu

The common cold and the flu both have similar symptoms but the severity of the viral infections varies greatly. It is possible to shrug off the effects of the common cold and carry on with your day with minor discomforts. But the flu will knock you off your feet making simple tasks like brushing your teeth seem like impossible feats.

Some symptoms of the flu include;

  • Congestion
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Body aches
  • Fatigue
  • High Fever
  • General weakness

Most people with the flu recover after a few days but this is not always the case. Sometimes the flu can lead to other complications like pneumonia occurring. You need to watch out for the following signs and seek medical assistance in case they appear. They include:

  • Purplish or bluish lip colour
  • Coughing blood
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Chest pains.

And don’t just walk into any medical facility. It would be best if you go to those that offer quality medical services, like the famous Providence Medical Centre. 

Advice From Medical Centres In Sydney On How To Take Care Of A Person With Flu-like Symptoms

The infectious nature of the flu makes the task of taking care of a person suffering from it very challenging indeed. There is a very high chance of the caregiver getting infected if he or she is not careful when administering aid to the sick person.  With help from the professionals at Providence Medical in Belmont, we identified the following tips as important in helping you take care of someone suffering from the flu. 

1. Quarantine The Patient

The best way to stop the flu from spreading to other people in your household is to set aside a spare room for the sick person to live in for the duration of their illness. No one apart from the caregiver should be allowed to go into the sick-room, therefore, reducing the chance of the disease spreading.

2. Separate Personal Items

The next thing you need to do is to get separate personal effects for the sick person. This is done to prevent further spread of the disease. Utensils and clothing belonging to the sick person should be washed separately to prevent the spread of the flu.

3. Maintain Proper Hygiene

Hygiene is one of your best weapons against the flu. Proper handwashing techniques should be used after the caregiver finishes checking up on the patient. It is also a good idea to wipe down surfaces in the sick room using an alcohol-based disinfectant.

4. Avoid Face To Face Interactions With The Sick Person.

You should aim to spend the least amount of time that you have to come in close contact with the sick person. Other members of your family should also stay away from the ailing person for the duration of the illness

In Summary…..

The flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease that can have devastating effects if it is not managed well. That is why the sick person should be cared for in a way that reduces the chances of the virus spreading among healthy members of your family. If you feel that your caregiving efforts are not enough for the sick person, then do not hesitate to contact the medical experts at Providence Medical Centre for the help you need.