Is your child back to school asthma ready? - Providence Medical

We know preparing for back-to-school time can be a rush. But one thing you shouldn’t rush is your child’s asthma management. Back to school is high-risk time for children with asthma and returning to the classroom is a peak time for hospital presentations due to asthma.

Considering the recent poor air quality due to bushfires, children with asthma are especially susceptible to an asthma flare-up.

Are you back to school asthma ready- Follow below:

Download the Asthma Australia easy Back-To-School Asthma Checklist to help your child to be asthma-ready for school.

Back to School…is your child asthma ready? – please check.

  • See your GP before school goes back to update your child’s Asthma Action Plan
  • Keep vigilant with your child’s preventer medication and ensure they take this as prescribed
  • Talk with your child’s teacher and/or carer.
  • Asthma is different for every child. When meeting with your child’s teacher or carer, discuss your child’s asthma, including their symptoms and severity.
  • You can use your child’s Asthma Action Plan as a tool to talk about their asthma medication, how to use this (a demonstration could be helpful) and the extent to which they can self-manage.
  • Ask about your child’s school asthma policy and establish two-way communication channels around your child’s asthma, including reporting of any flare-ups and use of medication at school.

Also consider downloading and using the Kiss myAsthma app – an asthma app designed for young people to help track symptoms, access your action plan, learn about asthma and set goals.

It’s important to have an updated Asthma Action Plan for your child, please contact our friendly team at Providence Medical to book in an appointment.

Have fun and keep healthy and well at school