Medical Services

Chronic Disease Management

To assist people with chronic illness General Practice Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements can be planned and written by your GP to ensure a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to your care.

Patients with “Care Plans” may also be entitled to discounts by Allied Health.

Chronic diseases are increasingly common and all our GPs are very well educated in their management. Some illnesses that entitle you to a Care Plan that our practice is particularly interested in are: Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer Management, Heart Disease, Stroke, Asthma and Kidney Disease. All doctors bulk bill these Care Plan appointments.

Women’s Health Services

  • Well Women’s Clinic – includes Cervical Screening
  • Test & Breast Check with our qualified Practice Nurse. These appointments are bulk billed
  • Family planning including cap fitting and “morning after” contraception
  • Long acting contraception injections / Implanon
  • Implants / IUD insertion
  • Pregnancy testing and pregnancy care including pre pregnancy counselling
  • Menopause – Hormone replacement therapy
  • Osteoporosis prevention
  • Early detection of Breast Cancer
  • Incontinence advice

Men’s Health Services

  • Early detection of Prostate Cancer and Testicular Cancer
  • The 45-49 year old health checks for men, these include full check-ups with advice regarding illness prevention and healthy living
  • Drug & Alcohol addiction advice and counselling
  • Depression
  • Sexual Health problems / Vasectomy advice

Children’s Health Services

  • All childhood immunisations available. Your child’s health will be checked prior to any vaccines being given.
  • Healthy Kids Check – “Get Set 4 Life” These appointments are bulk billed
  • Childhood growth and development monitoring.

Mental Health Services

We approach mental health patient services in a holistic manner.  Our treatments are carefully planned by experienced GPs and may include medication supports, counselling and advice, changes to lifestyle.   

Your GP may recommend a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan for you, with the benefit that patients will receive a lower cost arrangement when using counselling services.

Our practice has both inhouse expertise and also access to refer to mental health professionals in the Port Stephens area also arrange telehealth consultations which are conducted at our practice.

Pre-Employment, Medicals and Workers Compensation

  • Pre-employment medical examinations and workers’ compensation management
  • Insurance and driving medical examinations
  • Management of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Diving medical examinations
  • Special work-related medicals: Spray painters and pesticide workers

Home Health Assessments

Home health assessments are available for patients aged 75 and over who are living at home.

These are completed once per year and a member of our nursing staff will visit you in your home or sometimes request you to come in to the surgery.

The nurse reports back to your GP and a follow up appointment is arranged for you with your GP to discuss the finding.

INR Management

These tests are carried out on the premises to give our patients taking Warfarin instant results


A spirometry machine is used to measure your lung function. The test is performed by one of our nurses on request from your GP. The results of the test will be reviewed by your GP.


  • We provide annual Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccines to eligible patients.
  • Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
  • Shingles (Varicella-Zoster)
  • Measles
  • Travel Vaccinations – see our Travel Medicine page

Executive Health Checks

A comprehensive Executive Health Check Program is offered to employers who provide to their employees a full health examination that assists them to maintain good health under the expertise of a dedicated GP.


Repeat prescriptions and referrals forms require a consultation with the doctor. Please check what scripts/referrals you require prior to your consultation. Requests for scripts/referrals outside of your consultation will be refused, unless you have made prior arrangements. Should the doctor provide a referral, a replacement/lost script OR consent to a script over the phone – a charge of $15 will be requested. Please note that referrals cannot be back dated.

Workers COmpensation

Please advise reception should you require a Workers Compensation consultation. All of our doctors are able to see their patients for workers compensation claims. However, please be aware the patient will personally be responsible for all costs incurred. These costs are to be paid at time of consultation. If you have any questions, please discuss with the Receptionist.

My Health Record

Is a secure, electronic record of your medical history, stored and shared in a network of connected systems, e.g Hospitals, GP’s, etc. My Health Record will bring key health information from a number of different systems together and present it in a single view.

Test Results & Reminders

We ask that all patients make a follow up appointment with the doctor for reviewing test results. You may ring to find out if your results are back but no results will be given over the phone unless previously organised with your doctor. To protect the rights of patient confidentiality the reception staff will ask a series of questions in order to confirm the identity of the person to whom they are speaking with.

Our practice participates in national and state reminder systems or registers. Relevant information is given to enable automatic reminders to be issued to you for important preventative health checks such as: Pap smear reminders, prostate cancer checks, vaccination register etc for continual management of your health. Please let us know if you would not like to participate.

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