Top tips for keeping healthy and well this festive season

The holiday season is upon us! For most of us this means Christmas parties, celebrating and running around crazily trying to fit in as much as possible in not enough time. However, you don't have to forget your health and wellbeing just because it's the Christmas...

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Women’s Health Week — Happier hormones

Hormonal health can be hard to pin down but with some hormone-healthy choices, the right information and support, you can gain greater health and happiness by being able to better cope with hormone highs and lows. This week marks Women’s Health Week (September...

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Drs & Nurses get sick too

We are well aware that it is frustrating when your appointment gets cancelled because your doctor is unwell and we are sorry about the inconvenience it causes. However, our doctors all have busy days and every working day they have to make a lot of important and...

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Williamtown red-zone area: Free PFAS blood testing

The Australian Government is providing a free blood test for Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) for people who live or work, or who have lived or worked, in the Williamtown, NSW and Oakey, QLD, Investigation Areas and who have potentially been exposed to...

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Influenza outbreak in Port Stephens

We are having a significantly worse than normal flu season and have had some very sick patients with the flu. Tests on our patients have shown that Influenza A and B and Parainfluenza virus are all doing the rounds. We have seen a significant number of people who have...

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