Influenza outbreak in Port Stephens

We are having a significantly worse than normal flu season and have had some very sick patients with the flu. Tests on our patients have shown that Influenza A and B and Parainfluenza virus are all doing the rounds. We have seen a significant number of people who have...

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Top Travel Health Tips from Providence Medical

Planning a trip this year? Traveling overseas can be an amazing experience, but it can also expose you to potentially serious health risks. With a bit of preparation, you can prevent an illness that could ruin your holiday, or worse! How can you best prepare health...

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Ways to help manage Asthma more effectively

With 1 in 9 Australians, around 2.5 million living with asthma daily, this is a condition that is important to effectively manage to help enhance quality of life for sufferers. What is asthma? Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways in the lungs. These...

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National Diabetes Week

Early detection of Diabetes is critical, know the signs of pre-diabetes This year between 9 – 15th July marks ‘National Diabetes Week’ and will focus on raising awareness about the early detection of diabetes. Each day 290 Australians are diagnosed with diabetes, but...

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