Skin Cancer CLINIC

We are committed to providing expert skin cancer care.

Our Practice has a focus on skin cancer identification, prevention and management. Some of our doctors have completed further studies in this area, including Dr Ros Leitch who completed a Masters degree in skin cancer surgery in 2011.  We keep abreast of the latest evidence and guidelines in this area and all of our doctors are equipped to perform a thorough skin check evaluation and advise options for further management of any identified lesions.



It is never too late to help your skin even if you already have a sun cancer or sun damaged skin. We recommend that everyone wears SPF30+ sun block when in the sun and wears a hat and skin protective clothing and sunglasses. We also recommend staying out of the sun between 10am and 2pm (11am and 3pm daylight saving time) when UV radiation is at its maximum.



Anyone who has had skin cancer or is worried that they may have a changing spot or mole should have their skin thoroughly examined. If there is a family history of skin cancers, your skin may be more at risk of sun damage and regular checks are important.
It is easy to cut corners but unwise to do so.

We often find when we examine a patient’s skin all over for sun damage that we diagnose cancers, indeed melanomas, which were not the reason the patient wanted their skin examined. We therefore strongly recommend that if you’ve had skin cancer or are worried about it, that you have a regular complete skin check for which you will need a separate consultation. Alternatively make an appointment for a prolonged consultation for a complete check up including skin examination. It is important not to wear makeup when you come for a skin check.



We have qualified and experience GPs who perform minor surgical procedures to remove, with suspicious skin lesions procedures available at both Shoal Bay and Anna Bay practices.

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