Travel Medicine

We are a TMA affiliated clinic

The TMA is a wide group of specialist travel clinics who share a dedication to providing high quality travel medicine at a reasonable price.

At the TMA travel clinic at Shoal Bay and Anna Bay Medical Centres we cater for ALL your TRAVEL HEALTH needs.  Doctors who are experienced in travel medicine give comprehensive advice – not just shots.  We are the only Yellow Fever accredited clinic in Port Stephens.

We stock a complete range of travel vaccines including yellow fever, rabies and hepatitis vaccines at a competitive price.

Save $$$ on your vaccines with the TMA buying power, ensures vaccine availability and competitive pricing.

TMA clinic appointments are not bulk billed. We have attached some links below for information on booking your travel appointment and for travel medical advice and information.


Please schedule an appointment with your doctor at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip. We stock most standard vaccines that can be purchased. This is to ensure the vaccines remain viable due to cold-chain requirements to keep the vaccines at between 2-8 degrees. If you are bringing a vaccine with you, please collect the vaccine/s from the Pharmacy on the way to your doctor’s appointment and proceed to the practice without delay. On arrival at the practice, let the Receptionist know immediately that you have a vaccine requiring refrigeration.


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