The internet provides a fantastic resource for obtaining health information.  Unfortunately many sites are trying to sell you something and information is not the same as fact.  We believe that health care should be based on scientific evidence.

The following mainly Australian web sites are good places to start looking for quality medical information:


Allergy and Asthma

The Asthma Foundation
Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy
Information on anaphylaxis and allergy prevention for children
National Asthma Council
Check out the videos to see if you are using your puffer correctly


Arthritis and Rheumatism

Arthritis Australia
 Arthritis Foundation
Tips for self care for people with arthritis

Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

Diabetes Australia
Heart Foundation
Check out your coronary risk and how to lower it
National Stroke Foundation
Stop Afib
For patients with atrial fibrillation


Children’s Health

Generation Next
Very informative website for parents about the problems our young people      face in society today (drugs, gaming addiction, cyber bullying, etc)
Sydney Children’s Hospital Factsheets
Information about children’s illnessKids Matter                                                                                               Australian Mental Health and Well Being initiative set in early childhood  and schools



Coeliac Australia
Gastroenterological Society of Australia
Extensive fact sheets about tummy problems


Kidney & Prostate

Continence Foundation of Australia
Information on bladder and bowel incontinence
Kidney Health Australia
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia


Mental Health

Alzheimer’s Australia – Fight Dementia
Information for patients with alzheimers and other memory problems and their families
Depression and Anxiety
Blackdog Institute
See the self-administered questionnaires
Online and telephone help for patients with mental illness
This Way Up
Online self help courses for patients with anxiety and depressionGambling Help  You’re not alone!Bite Back                                                                                                  Mental fittness for teens

Smiling Mind                                                                                           Meditation for all ages. One of our Doctors reckons this will change your life.



DermNet NZ
The skin website your doctors use – very comprehensive – congratulations     Kiwis



Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
US website – travel section has a wealth of travel information and is often       used by our doctor
Smart Traveller
Register your trip with the government and get the latest advisories
Travel Medicine Alliance
The TMA to which we belong is a group of Australian doctors with special         interest and expertise in travel medicine.  The TMA website is a must for         serious travellers and contains a heap of relevant information about safe           travel