A mammogram does not cure breast cancer. However, it increases survival chances by nearly 40% through early detection. This is important, bearing in mind that approximately 55 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. 

Carefully executed mammograms can show abnormal growths in the breast, deep in the milk ducts. This makes it a worthy process for those that cannot be detected through physical examination.

Although the risk of breast cancer increases with age, anyone can get it. The youngest case in Australia so far is a 20-year-old female.  We have also witnessed cases among the young and old at Providence Medical. 

As common as breast cancer is, it’s unfortunate to note that most women do not feel obligated to do regular checkups. If you are one of them, this puts you at risk of dying from late treatment and related complications. 

Having served as a women’s health specialist for decades, I can without a doubt vouch for regular mammograms.  Below I show you the importance of having them. 

Early Detection Of Lumps

Like with every other cancer, the longer you ignore the abnormal cells, the higher the risk of them spreading. This is usually the case with patients diagnosed at a late stage after cancer has eaten away at other cells. 

Regular mammograms allow you to detect the most minute abnormality at very early stages. A mammogram can also detect other problems that are not necessarily related to cancer, helping you keep healthy breasts.

You can have the check done at any best medical centre in Australia that offers such Women’s Health Specialist services.

Escape Chemotherapy

Those who have undergone chemotherapy or watched their loved ones go through it will tell you it is not easy. Serious effects like chronic fatigue, nausea and vomiting, hair loss, anaemia, just to name a few, mark the journey through treatment for cancer. 

Early detection following a mammogram allows early treatment before you need chemotherapy. Early treatment does not even have to involve surgery as long as your doctor identifies the abnormal cells in time.

At every Providence medical centre in Australia, you will have access to modern treatment methods and technologies that will make the treatment process better and more comfortable for you. 

You Understand Your Risk Factors

Age progression is not the only culprit when it comes to factors contributing to breast cancer. Genes, family history, constant exposure to radiation, being female and lifestyle factors like obesity also count. 

One cannot fully understand their risk factors until they have spoken to a specialist.  Having regular mammograms at any best medical centre in Australia gives you access to this information. Y

our doctor there can do a thorough examination and notify you if you are at risk. This check-up involves vital points like questions about your family history in relation to breast cancer.

Reduced Mortality Rate 

The most cancer-related deaths among women arise from breast cancer, with about 2.1 million cases yearly across the world. 

Some of the reported fatalities are of patients who tried a treatment and failed. Complex treatment procedures like mastectomy, lumpectomy and mammaplasty for advanced breast cancer are too expensive and not accessible for many victims. 

Failure to go through them, on the other hand, spells doom. Early detection through a mammogram saves you from this. You can settle for minor and affordable procedures like hormone treatment or targeted therapy. Such procedures are effective when the problematic cells are still in the area of origin. 

Easy Access To Useful Information 

Illnesses affect individuals differently and so bits of information vary from one patient to another. What you probably know about breast cancer may not apply to you when the need arises. 

Going for regular mammograms gives you the chance to get firsthand information about breast cancer and the latest treatment methods. With constant visits, your doctor can monitor your health and warn you early enough if you increase the risk. 

Availability of telehealth consultations in Australia has also made it possible to keep in touch with your doctor remotely. You do not have to visit the clinic every time you have a breast health issue you want to be addressed. Make use of this service to improve and maintain your breast health.

Who Should Go For A Mammogram?

  • Females over the age of 75 are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer.
  • If you are over 40 years and have a first-degree relative who suffers from breast cancer.
  • If someone from your family has suffered from breast cancer before they reached the age of 50.

Looking at the number of breast cancer fatalities recorded yearly, you have every reason to be on the lookout for any abnormality within your breast tissue. As discussed above, regular mammograms save you from huge hospital procedures and costs.

You only need to identify a reliable medical centre with qualified breast cancer specialists, Women’s Health Specialist and offers the Women’s Health Specialistbest medical services in Australia. Choosing the wrong facility in haste is a huge gamble since you could end up with false negative or false positive results, further putting you at risk. You are welcome to book an appointment at any of our Providence Medical centres in Australia.